Dave, (the Anglican) Doug (the Baptist) and Brent (the Wesleyan) have collectively pastored churches for almost 100 years. We first came in contact with each other around a Billy Graham Mission in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1998. A few years later after coming in contact with Larry Crabb’s book, “Connecting”, and then with Larry Crabb himself, we decided that we should spend more time with each other.

Once a month or so we get together in a pub or in an Asian restaurant. Brent (the Wesleyan) is often urged to have a beer, which he never does. Doug and Dave figure the rapture will be close when he has a drink with them. After the kidding and ribbing stops, the sharing or our lives and our thoughts on ministry begin.

Over the years we have come to realize that, while we can’t do each other’s ministries, we can’t do our ministries well without each other. We know that one of the great challenges of pastoral ministry is that feeling of aloneness. We have chosen to combat that by forming a small pastoral community that allows us to know and be known. We thought it might be helpful to share our thoughts and experiences of what happens when and Anglican, a Baptist and a Wesleyan walk into a bar.

Thus, The Urban Monastery was born.

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